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Michael Jones Pianoscapes

Through the beauty of his music, the inspiration of his stories and wisdom of his words, Michael Jones imagines  how leaders through their presence can co create environments where people can learn… and ideas can grow.


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"Leading Artfully"
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Michael Jones is a widely recognized leadership educator, keynote speaker, thought leader, pianist composer and storyteller. He is an award winning author of a series of books on Re-imagining Leadership including; The Soul of Place, Artful Leadership and Creating an Imaginative Life. He is also a Juno nominated (Canadian Grammy) pianist and composer whose 15 popular recordings of original piano music have served as a benchmark for contemporary instrumental music and attracted an audience of millions worldwide. 

Michael brings a unique sensibility to the subject of leadership.  Whether it is a conference keynote, a community conversation or a leadership seminar, the common thread in his music and teaching is that envisioning a positive future will find art, and an artful way of being together, at the center of the changes to come. Simply put, our imagination will be our greatest asset foretelling a story of possibility and unlimited potential. His work has been described as  “… intelligent open, genuine and transformational". 

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Michael Jones new book, The Soul of Place, Re-imagining Leadership Through Nature, Art and Community

"In the Soul of Place Michael Jones offers a richly textured, multidisciplinary examination of place, and asserts ‘that too often the places we create are placeless because they don’t include our stories’. Michael imagines place as something more than merely physical geography, and suggests instead, a transformative possibility of place, encouraging leaders to engage with nature, art, community – and embrace their role as placemakers." 
— Nick Nissley, Ed.D. Dean, Business Technologies
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

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     New  Music From Michael Jones


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Deep Song is the natural music of the forests,  lakes, woods  and  hills . It is the music of the earth rising up. It is the  song of simple genuine mystery, of true yearning, of sorrow, enchantment and joy.  

Expansive... uplifting.... haunting  -  Deep Song features 76 minutes 
of piano impressions with Michael Jones performing at his best. 

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