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Leadership in a New Key
The Synergies Between Creativity, Leadership and Community

“Michael Jones brings a unique sensibility to leadership. While others writers address style, process, and leadership issues, Michael illuminates the deep parallels between leadership and the creative process.”
By Peter M. Senge, Author The Necessary Revolution and The Fifth Discipline, Founding Chair SoL (The Society for Organizational Learning) Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management.

“Michael Jones is an outstanding pianist- his connections to leadership are equally powerful”
Nick Nissley Executive Director, Leadership Development, The Banff Centre

A widely acclaimed pianist/composer and recognized national speaker and facilitator, Michael Jones brings a unique approach to inspiring leaders to value new ways of thinking in order to see familiar landscapes through fresh eyes. Drawing upon evocative personal stories to convey his message and musical performances to deepen it, Michael offers a compelling and fresh perspective on the learning journey to the heart of creativity through inspiring leaders to develop a renewed clarity of purpose and tapping into the creativity that is found in the authority of their own experience.

This involves a shift of mind from conformity to gifts and uniqueness, from abstraction to beauty and the spirit of place, from efficiency to improvisation and emergent possibility and from utility to the expressive power of their own story and voice. Together these changes in awareness shift leadership practices into a new key. A tone that transforms their mechanistic view of the world to a more sustainable and transformative vision that is creative, organic and whole.

The organizations and communities that will thrive in the new economy will be the ones that engage these shifts of awareness in order to foster a learning culture that keeps creativity and innovation foremost in their minds.

Learning highlights from Michael’s keynote presentations, workshops and facilitation include….

  • Recognizing how our own gifts and unique strengths help us appreciate and draw out the strengths and gifts in others.
  • Becoming consciously aware of what feels most vital and alive around us so that we find fertile ground for our gifts and potential to take root and grow.
  • Learning to lead without a script and trust that we will discover new insights and strength in our ‘not knowing.’
  • Appreciating that leaders need to think and feel like artists in order to sense the subtle shifts in the energy, tonal quality and atmosphere in a group or organization.
  • Learning to be stewards of the whole able to inspire a culture of innovation, transformational change and continuous learning.
  • Discovering how the power of space and silence, of personal and collective reflection and continuous renewal helps leaders see the big picture and the long view.

For information contact Michael at judyarcher@rogers.com
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